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12 Zodiac Signs of Vedic Astrology

12 Zodiac Signs of Vedic Astrology

The Indian zodiac system consists of 12 signs. Vedic astrology uses sidereal, that is a fixed zodiac, where a certain ecliptic star is taken as the starting point. This distinction makes a huge difference with Western astrology. Therefore, if according to Western astrology, the Sun enters Aries on March 21, then according to Indian – on April 14.

1. Mesha (Aries) - April 13/14 - May 13/14. These people are optimistic, active, and creative. They are prudent and have a constant need to prove to everyone that they are the best. They have great ambitions and constantly look for a way to implement them.

2. Rishahba (Taurus) - May 13/14 - June 14/15. This sign is characterized by determination and stability. In such people, there is no frivolity as they want to carry out their plans in the safest and most efficient way. Their choice is based not on spontaneity but on specific issues that are important to them.

3. Mithuna (Gemini) - June 14/15 - July 15/16. Mithuna are hyperactive and unpredictable. They easily change their mind and constantly strive to amaze others. They are very funny and cheerful. They love to flirt but find it difficult to build romantic relationships.

4. Karka (Cancer) - July 15/16 - August 16/17. It is a sign of emotionality and compassion. Karka are friendly and always willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. Moreover, they are family men who are very attached to their parents.

5. Simha (Leo) - August 16/17 - September 16/17. These people cannot stand failures. They are born for success and fame. They have a constant need to tell others about their achievements as this is how they feel better than others. They are susceptible to flattery and compliments.

6. Kania (Virgo) - September 16/17 - October 16/17. Kania are timid and tend to run away from everything that can lead them to anxiety and panic. Nevertheless, they are compassionate and ready to help everyone who needs it. They are very thoughtful and practical. The disadvantage of Kania is excessive analyticity and uncertainty when it comes to making decisions.

7. Tula (Libra) - October 16/17 - November 15/16. Tula are very sociable and friendly. They strive for a harmonious relationship without torment and become very disappointed if they experience the opposite.

8. Vrishchika (Scorpio) - November 15/16 - December 15/16. Such people are liable to passion and good intuition. They are able to reach great heights, but only if they have an incentive and motivation. They are passionate and have numerous tempestuous relationships.

9. Dhanu (Sagittarius) - December 15-16 - January 14/15. This sign is a symbol of optimism and enthusiasm. Dhanu are dynamic and adventurous. Restraint and conservatism drive them mad. They want to be independent and hate restrictions.

10. Makara (Capricorn) - January 14/15 - February 12/13. The life of Makara is completely devoted to the achievement of their high goals, both in terms of work and love. They believe that the prestigious status in society is the greatest reward they can achieve.

11. Kumbha (Aquarius) - February 12/13 - March 13/14. These people are eccentric and unpredictable. They do not like monotony and always try to change the world with their ideas. As a rule, Kumbha work for the benefit of all, not just for personal interest.

12. Mina (Pisces) - March 13/14 - April 13/14. Mina are very emotional and creative, they tend to art and spiritual life. Immersion in the world of imagination is their way to escape from reality. In relationships, Mina are soft and romantic.

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