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Benefits of Vedic Astrology

Benefits of Vedic Astrology

People hold a lot of discussions about the concepts of Vedic astrology and they are often based on a lack of understanding of the meaning and essence of Jyotish (Vedic astrology). There are people who even consider this astrology frightening, but, in reality, it does not have anything terrible, if you understand the concepts and meanings.

First, it is worth understanding the meaning of the word "Jyotish". Translating from ancient Sanskrit, this word means "heavenly body." But this meaning cannot be taken literally. In the sacred sense, it means that a person has a special internal light that helps him to find a life purpose.

Vedic astrology or Jyotish is the traditional astrology of India, which originated as far back as 3000 BC. Then the Indian sages began to create the foundations of Vedic astrology. They were able to achieve the highest spiritual disclosure of consciousness and understood things that the ordinary person did not realize. They were truly a fount of wisdom. Vedic astrology is based on the scriptures called Vedas – the oldest sources of wisdom. This astrology, like the science of yoga, was discovered by the insight of the great sages Rishi, who lived in Satya-Yuga, the era of enlightenment and truth. They were called the Seven Sages and identified with the stars of the Ursa Major and the Pleiads.

According to the Vedic seers, all processes on the Earth are controlled by the great cosmic forces generated by stars. Our physical bodies are created from the same material as the stars, our “parents”. Thus, cosmic forces exert their influence on us. The planets in Jyotish are not just faceless giant balls but quite specific personalities of gods having their own character. Planets are a kind of universal clocks that show our karmic tasks. Ignoring these great forces, we become similar to fish, unable to see the ocean.

Vedic astrology has significant differences from other astrological systems. It possesses special techniques that allow tracing some events in the life of a person. Such techniques allow astrologers to see the past, present, and future of a person, assess his potential in different areas of life, tell in which direction he can realize himself better, and find out some favorable and disadvantageous periods of the life. Another interesting and important area of Vedic astrology is compatibility astrology. With its help, you can easily understand whether you match a loved one or not. Unlike other astrological systems, Vedic astrology allows you to determine the degree of compatibility as clearly as possible, expressing it in specific points.

In the modern world, astrology is not perceived as a spiritual science but rather used as applied knowledge, helping to stay afloat among the furious streams of the river of life. However, if you turn to the sources, you can find out that there is a higher form of astrology, intended to be an integral part of yoga – the science of the spirit. The goal of such astrology is to get out of the influence of the planets – that is, to achieve Moksha.

Vedic astrology is an inexhaustible fount of life wisdom. It helps to perceive the world, do soul-searching, develop ourselves, and awaken positive feelings. A refined perception can elevate astrology to the science of the etiologic level and, thus, lift the veil of our previous and future incarnations, as well as clarify the true life purpose once set by our soul.

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